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Re: The Cat 3116 Engine (D5M XL dozer w 3116)??

Clinton, I read where you were going to R&R the other filter.  How did that fare?  After the second loss of power, I would have suggested you replace both filters.  But anyway, I am a little late to this thread and was just curious.

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Re: The Cat 3116 Engine (D5M XL dozer w 3116)??

 I am a retired heavy duty mechanic, an old buzzard who aproaches problems like that by going with what I see. You said you changed the fuel filter, so before I can help you further, I need you to cut the old fuel filter open to see what if anything was trapped by the filter..

  If you do get a new water separator please cut it open as well and message me on here what you find.

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The Cat 3116 Engine (D5M XL dozer w 3116)??

I have a 2001 D5M XL dozer w 3116. Started having some ruff idling a few weeks ago, would sound a lil skippy just a second after starting, and after 5 seconds it would level right off. Well was running it Saturday and it started losing power Figured it was filters. Changed those today and it ran perfect for 30 mins and slowly would get a lil sputter like air in line when I’d put it under pressure pushing brush piles. I didn’t change water sep yet bc they didn’t have it in. Will in morning. My primer also didn’t harden up like it should’ve, making me think there was a leak before I even started it. Mine has the two fuel filters on top each other, one block w filter on top and bottom. I’ve ran this machine for a year w zero problems. No fuel in oil. Looks like I got a small leak on front of engine above flywheel. Looks to be coming from up high though. Ima pressure wash it in morning and check it out. Plz let me know if there’s anything simple I should check before pulling valve covers off. Thanks in advance.