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Re: VIMSpc 2015A Installation Issue

Hello Kelvin_S!

have you success with VIMSpc installation?

Regards` Harutyun.

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Re: VIMSpc 2015A Installation Issue


Can you share with that .txt file please?

Regards` Harutyun.

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Re: VIMSpc 2015A Installation Issue

So what the resilt? 

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Re: VIMSpc 2015A Installation Issue


I had the same problem.


I determined that the application was not communicating with the DB2 database, even though the database was in existence on the toughbook.

I grabbed one of our other Toughbooks that had the program functioning correctly, and launched the "Configuration Assistant" from the Start menu under IBM DB2 > DB2_VIMSPC>Setup Tools.

In there it displayed the connection profile - it was named "VIMS3G". I exported this profile to a text file named VIMS3G.txt.


I copied this file to the Toughbook that was not working.


On that Toughbook I launched the "Configuration Assistant" - same Start menu location.

From the Configure menu item, I used the Import Profile option and designated the VIMS3G.txt file.

Once this imported successfully, the VIMS3G profile now exists.

Right-mouse-click on this entry and select "Test Connection" option - this will open another dialogue - select Test Connection button - this will take a few seconds and will return with a message-box "CLI connection tested successfully"

Cancel this window.

Now exit the "Configuration Assistant"


Launch VIMSpc 2015A and it should connect to the DB2 database with all menu options available.


VIMSpc 2015A Installation Issue

I've installed VIMSpc 2015A on a new Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 for my mechanics to use (Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit), but when I open up VIMSpc it gives me the following error message:


                   Could not connect to VIMS database. Please try again.


You click on ok, and the program closes.  I've tried multiple times but it always does the same thing.


This is a fresh install on a machine that has never had VIMSpc installed on it.  With older versions it would create a blank database and you would be good to go, but that doesn't seem to be working this time.


Any thoughts?