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Re: cat 430-D backhoe

hey Pauly here-i went over the battery lead to starter and ground fixed em up a bit then noticed hanging wire below starter motor, small screw to bakelite type fixture-it had been cracked by a stick or something i guess-cat fired right up first try! read fixes to other similar here got me on the right trail! thanks everyone!

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cat 430-D backhoe

Hello my backhoe was running good but would not shut off with key-so i had to disconnect the fuel injection pump to shut it down-worked fine, noticed that the backhoe staid on with key off so pulled battery to be safe. new battery and ignition switch today has been -2 years-switch seems right and shuts power off/on properly- but-no crank no start condition and no codes showing. i am off to pull lead to starter and clean check battery ground as well, thanks for reading-Pauly