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Re: charge by the hour? Or job?

The answer to that question really depends on what your customers are seeking.Usually the one who knows the least about  what you do will want a total package price to do the job from start to finish with them feeling they have their "bases covered"and avoid the surprises. The ones with more experience will already have a rough idea of how long it will take to do the job and will know there will be travel costs for mobilization. That leaves really the rates to discuss and a thorough discussion of the material to be excavated. Rock,gravel,clay etc. And how far you have to haul it to get rid of the material. I  don't charge for machine time while on the trailer but I do factor in the hourly travel costs to get there and back to home base whether bid job or hourly rate.


If you are an owner operator of the equipment its tough to charge out a truck that is just sitting there doing nothing but waiting for you to hop behind the wheel and empty it after you just loaded it.. If you have a driver behind the wheel waiting for you to load him then of course you would have to charge out accordingly. It wouldn't hurt to establish clear communication with your customers and feel out the job. Communication is key to understand expectations on both parts and avoid the surprises of what to do when it happens. It would be beneficial to your company to be proactive rather than reactive to instill confidence to your customer base.Do your homework and visit the site if possible ahead of time .Ask  questions  and listen for their answer until you have a clear picture in your mind of what's needed.

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charge by the hour? or job?

i am looking for a little help here….still trying to make $$ charging per hour!  Any thoughts on charging by day for a skid steer or mini trackhoe (treching and grading)?  How bout charging for transportation?  Minimum charge for a job, etc..?


For example.....when i tow a machine with my 3 ton dump, and then use truck on job, i still charge 75.00 per hr, as long as i only
run 1 at a time.. i seldom charge travel time as most people dont want to pay it.   sounds like thats to cheap maybe?