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Re: leaking final drives on CAT 740's

thanks for reference..


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Re: leaking final drives on CAT 740's

Yee thats true if they stay for a long time without operation they do leak on the final drives
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Re: leaking final drives on CAT 740's

Your mechanic is correct, I have 735's that do the same thing.


leaking final drives on CAT 740's

Hello, my name is Wolfgang Bühn and this is my first message on this board. I am running a European appraisal or inspection business (MEVAS) and I wonder if we can find here sometimes answers to our questions.

Recently we inspected several 740's with B1P S/N prefix. The machines were running 4000 hrs in sand or gravel on a warm island. After that units were 3 months in stand-by in same place, then shipped to Europe and standing another 5 weeks in the port. When we inspected the machines for our customer we found at least half of the final drives leaking to the inner rim.

A CAT-mechanic from here told me, that would not be a big problem and is due the long standing and temperature change. Maybe some sand and water came into the seal. If the machine would be driven a few miles the problem should disappear.

Is there someone here who can confirm the above opinion? Or is it maybe a common problem with 740's?


I very much appreciate any advice.


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