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Re: 246 B Skid Steer Fuel Issues

Have same problem. Did you ever figure it out
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246 B Skid Steer Fuel Issues

My 2005 246B skid steer starts and runs fine for about 10 minutes. Then it begins to miss and sputter and act like its not getting fuel. If I turn it off and come back an hour later, it will do the same thing, run fine for a few then start running crappy all over again. 

I sensed that it is fuel related so I changed the fuel/water separator and the air filter which did need changing. I've cleaned the fuel cap and it seems to be working property. I've also topped off my fluids. None of which have done anything to improve my situation. I am wondering if there is another in-line fuel filter or other fuel component that I can either clean or replace and I am also wondering where the fuel plug is so that if need be I can drain it of all fuel and replace it with clean fuel. 


Thanks in advance.