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Re: 262 skid steer throttle

 I have the same problem on my 236 A skid steer is it the same procedure for that one as well?thankyou 


Re: 262 skid steer throttle


I think the slide for the govener bob weights will be sticking on the shaft the quickest way to fix is to remove the cover and clean up the small air holes on the slide can become cloged with carbon if iol changes have been missed or the incorrect oil was used at some point.

Check with your dealer as on some engines the high and low engine speeds need to be checked and recorded before the cover is removed then reset after engine is running again,

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262 skid steer throttle

Throttle binding or sticking where it goes through governor housing.

Tried lubing with various lubes and helps a little but no good

To disassemble you have to remove front engine cover

Manuel is a little pricey $408.98

Is there any bulletins or any help to had