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330 CL excavator low oil pressure on monitor

I have a 2005 330CL s/n kdd1428.
This machine had 7901 hours when we purchased it . It currently has 9810 hours. This excavator will run perfect for hours, sometimes even for several days, then the low oil pressure on monitor will light up and put the machine into limp mode. If you turn the machine off, count to 10 and restart it the machine may run perfect for 4 more hours or 2 more days before it does it again.
Things our mechanic has changes:
1. cleaned all grounds, connectors, fuses
2. change computer
3. change oil pressure sensor unit (this helped, it was coming on more often before we changed the sensor).
4. new CAT oil filter
5. new oil filter housing plungers and springs.
6. remain CAT engine oil pump.
Anyone else experience something like this?