Re: 3616 engine Jacket pump

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Meby little late but.


If it the electronic sensor. remove it from radiator if system is depresserd and cold. 

clean the sensor some time it get little dirty after some time.

thane after it has been in free air and back in cooling water it can give an errore.


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3616 engine Jacket pump

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Hello, can any one who could help me? Engine is 3616.

I have a problem with the jacket pump warning, saying jacket pump water level is low.

Before we change O ring in the jacket pump, the engine is starting and running good.

But after we fixed the new O rings and filled the radiator with coolant, open the valves,

The warning came, jacket water level is low. Even I reset, the warning still coming.

The genset is equipped with a remote control panel. If I run in local or remote, there is no response

Can anyone Give me some idea...Thanks in advance...THanks admin.

 Note: Pyrometer also change to new 285-6670