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Did they change the transmission oil and inspect the suction screen, possibly sucking air.

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Any / All Ideas Appreciated

Model: D4H111XL


Serial #: 9GJ01127


I had a local mechanic do some work on my mid-90s D4H LGP. Replaced some rollers, rebuilt the cylinders and replaced a hydraulic line, changed filters and oil and they greased everything.  Today, when I got it back, the warning light for the hydraulic system was flashing and the Fault light started flashing as they were backing the machine off the trailer.  I called the mechanic and he said that the hydraulic oil just needed to warm up and get circulating.  I have had issues with this in the past, although it only seemed to happen after the machine got hot.  When that happened, I would have to shut is down for a while before things went back to normal.  Today, I followed the mechanic’s advice and moved the equipment out to my farm, about a mile down a dirt road, and then tried to clear some brush.  After about two hours, no sign of the oil or water getting hot, in fact, all gauges seemed to be operating and in the normal range.  However, the machine did not have much in the way of get-up-and-go and was difficult to get into gear, forward or reverse, from time to time.  This seemed to be worse when the equipment was on an incline.  Could this be a matter of air in the hydraulic system?  I was going to let it sit overnight and top of the hydraulic oil reservoir in the morning, if it needs it.  I should note that the torque converter was rebuilt by one of the Walker Machinery shops in WV in the winter of ‘15-‘16.  The machine probably has about 40-50 hours on it since then.  What should I be looking for?