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Re: C7 problems

I just bought a Ford F650 , with 70,000 miles on it, that has  a CAT C7 engine.  It is a 2008, and has an exhaust after-treatment.  


I got the truck for $20,000, drove it for 3 months. and had problems from the beginning, on the way back from Dallas to Atlanta.  It shut off on me.  I was certain that a fleet owned truck with low miles was in solid condition, but next time I buy CAT, I will check all the past records available with a CAT dealer.  


Problems the truck has, first two diesel mechanics misdiagnosed it many times, the CAT dealer found the issue. 

1. Leaking coolant from turbo into fuel

2. This gummed up the DPF, which was baked a month ago, but soon became caked again. 

3. Injectors had been replaced earlier, from leaking.


I see there are common problems with the C7.  It seems to be an engine that needs a lot of attention, and is quite costly as a result.  The repair bill on this is $10,000. 


I have other engines, in other vehicles, and never, in 20 years, have I ever had such a catastrophic level of expense for an engine, on such a relatively isolated component.  It makes no sense at all.  


Why isn't Caterpillar responsible for a recall on the engines?  From what I gather, they are complete junk. 

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Re: C7 problems

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Re: C7 problems

too bad that people are too stuborn.


1 change the Heui pump to the new model.

2 clean the oil gallery in the head.

3 change the injector sleeves.

4 install new injectors.

5 update ecm software with new HEUI strategy.


yes its going to cost money, but after this and done properly will give you many trouble free hours.

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C7 problems

I have had much problems with the engine C -7 Acert. Especially in the injectors and diesel pump. I 'm seeing it is a very common problem.
I lost power and diesel appeared in engine oil. The mechanic told me that there was a problem (obviously) in the injector # 6. It was changed and still failing. Then I was told injector # 3, but then again, changed and still the same. Now they tell me, the diesel pump it´s sending scrap to the injectors, which sounds reasonable, but I read is the same problem that many have described and after changing the pump it is still not working. I don´t want to start spending money knowing that it will not be fixed… what sould I do?... what if I do it and still not working?