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Re: C7 problems

too bad that people are too stuborn.


1 change the Heui pump to the new model.

2 clean the oil gallery in the head.

3 change the injector sleeves.

4 install new injectors.

5 update ecm software with new HEUI strategy.


yes its going to cost money, but after this and done properly will give you many trouble free hours.

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C7 problems

I have had much problems with the engine C -7 Acert. Especially in the injectors and diesel pump. I 'm seeing it is a very common problem.
I lost power and diesel appeared in engine oil. The mechanic told me that there was a problem (obviously) in the injector # 6. It was changed and still failing. Then I was told injector # 3, but then again, changed and still the same. Now they tell me, the diesel pump it´s sending scrap to the injectors, which sounds reasonable, but I read is the same problem that many have described and after changing the pump it is still not working. I don´t want to start spending money knowing that it will not be fixed… what sould I do?... what if I do it and still not working?