CAT Mining Trucks access to J1939 CAN Network

Greetings everyone,


The last few months I have been working on a project to read basic J1939 and/or J1708 PGN from a CAN Bus Network. The idea is just to read basic parameters such as Engine Hours and Total Distance from the Vehicle, to keep track of all our fleet and automatically have registers on our database of the Engine Hours and the Distance the vehicles travelled. These are standards PGN from the J1939 and J1708 SAEJ International Can Bus Standards.

I am using a Digi WVA ( that's a simple WiFi gateway from J1939. Moreover, I am also using an adapter between my DIGI device and the J1939 plug present just behind the truck driver's seat.

CATSignalDIGI J1939
CCAN Shield-
DCAT Data Link +-
ECAT Data Link --

I tried without success in the most common CAT Dumpers and Mining Trucks that we use such as 777B/C/D and the 773B.

When I connected my Digi plug, it starts and identifies the ECU on the vehicle. However, I can check there is no data being exchanged or received from the CAT Truck. So, all the SAEJ PGN I tried to access come with NULL Values.


What may be the solutions to get the data on real time from the truck and send it to our maintenance? I know the Modicons Gateway, but they are overpriced and do not fit my project as there are no PLC and I just want to have a small device in the driver's cabin.


1.Does CAT follow the J1939 International Standards on the Heavy Trucks? Or Data is just available using the CDL? 

2.Are my PINOUTS on the adapter correct?


Can someone help me with this?


Thanks for your help!