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Maybe some more details for you to get a good answer.


This is an older unit, a serial number is very helpful for forum members to use in determing the details about your unit.


What is the rated voltage of the unit?


Does the voltage drop in relation to load, meaning does the voltage drop as the load goes up? 

How much does it drop?

Is it getting worse as time goes on?


What is the overall condition of the generator?

When was it last tested?


Do you have the appropriate service manuals for the voltage regualtor and the generator available?

If so, what troubleshooting procedures have you performed with the results?



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Guys cna u share your idea regarding the DVR on CATERPILLAR  Model 3508. The out put voltage is getting low when it is running whats is the most posible cause of this trouble? & what should i do to solve this problem.




Thank you for your brilliant idea's