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Re: G610 screen alignment

It turns out there is no allignment tool for the G610. If it gets out of wack its a warranty or replacment issue. There is a Service Letter to replace some of the earlier units under warranty, but it runs out the end of Aug 2016. The Service Letter is TEBE1660-01.


Re: G610 screen alignment

Hi Lars,


I have posed your questions to our internal service engineers for response. Until then, if the MineStgar community members have any feedback we would love to hear it!! 




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G610 screen alignment

I have two seperate mines that use the G610 displays and within days of each other say some of the screens are out of alignment. When you touch the screen it highlights to the left or right, not under your finger. I've used screens in the past that have an alignment tool you can use to re-align the screen. Does the G610 have this tool?