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Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for!  Thanks Mark!!!!

Re: MineStar Shiftchange Utility Settings

Hi rkummer,


MineStar Assignment will attempt to get a truck to (one of) the scheduled assignments destinations such that it arrives around the Required At time.  This is the only mandatory field here.


Providing an Arrive After time sets an additional restriction in when the truck can arrive.  If provided, MineStar Assignment will not send the truck to any of the destinations if the truck would arrive before this time.  This should normally be about half a cycle before the Required At time.  Let me explain.  Assignment will consider the scheduled assignment when the truck dumps or loads, so you need to provide for the truck to arrive just before the Arrive After time at one end of the cycle but have time to get to the destination by the Required At time.  If the cycles are about 30 minutes long (dump - load - dump) then the Arrive After time should probably be at least 15 minutes before the Required At time.

The intent of Arrive After is to prevent loss of production where Assignment is enthusiastic about getting the truck to the required destination on time and implies that the truck can be a little late if necessary to improve overall production.


Providing an Arrive Before time sets an additional restriction in when the truck can arrive.  This is a hard limit beyond which Assignment is not to allow a truck to arrive.  This would normally be provided to ensure that a truck is going to be at one of the destinations by this time and no later.


A good example would be for shift change where the truck must be at the ready line 5 minutes before the end of shift and should be there 10 minutes before the end of shift.  Assume that shift change is at 6:00 then the Required At time would be 5:50 with an Arrive Before of 5:55.  If the park up is some distance from the normal operations, or if cycle times are longer, or if Assignment is sometimes a little eager in getting the trucks to the ready line, then an Arrive After time can be provided.  As previously explained this needs to provide enough time for a truck to finish a half cycle and still arrive in time.  I will assume that 20 minutes would be enough for this and set the value at 5:30.


Depending upon which version of MineStar is installed, and how it is configured the way Assignment will respond is different.  Regardless, the information described here is accurate and can be used as a guide.  Always consider your own production requirements and goals at shift change before applying the principles I have described.  Every mine has different priorities and these need to be considered when determining which scheduled assignment settings to provide and what values they should be.


I hope this helps, and others are willing to share what works for them.

Accepted Solution

MineStar Shiftchange Utility Settings

We have a customer that is utilizing the shift change function within MinStar Fleet and is looking for best practice recommendations for the following fields within the Scheduled Assignment Editor:


  • Required At
  • Arrive After
  • Arrive Before 

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to share how they have this setup?  Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!