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Re: Overheating on my excavators

Wow, talk about a wrongly placed post, Kerrie, it would be nice if you delected those posts from India.


Re: Overheating on my excavators

Hi Bronco2000,


Please note that you have posted in the Mining Technology Forum. This forum is about the technology equipment on machines meaning Cat MineStar Systems.


You will have to put your post in the correct forum for your problem




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Overheating on my excavators

I work in the Haz waste industry and and  have a few excavators in 2 large buildings the problem that I'm having is that these machines overheat given the environment that I'm in (extremely dust). Has anyone heard of a type of umbilical cord that can be hooked up to draw in freash air? All 3 excavators are 330s.  We change the filters on a regular basis along with the screens that are changed and cleaned on a regular basis.