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Data Pro is a data warehouse for MineStar Fleet Surface, Fleet Underground, and Terrain.  Over time additional products will come online, for example Data Pro 1.4 will pull in health event and trends.


Data Pro is a separate product, install and it will require its own server and own database.  We have what is called an ETL process to pull data from the production source systems, fleet 4.4 +, and terrain 2.0 +.  ETL stands for extract, transform, and load.  The transform piece is a major value prop of the product, it uses business rules and human logic to remove bad data it finds.  For example if payload is 0 or 1000 tons it will transform that value to a nominal payload because it would be more realistic to reality.


Data Pro supports any Reporting solution you want to use, we have sample reports for SAP BO and Microsoft BI currently.  We have a simple schema setup with Data Marts so it is easier to find objects that work together and you don't need to be a master report writer or DBA to figure it out.


Data Pro is not a 1 for 1 copy or extraction of the source systems, it is built to pull key tables and data based around productivity and analytics.


We are currently doing a Field Follow on version 1.1 for Fleet & Terrain with a customer who wishes to move away from SAP BO and move to BI, so most all testing and validation is being completed in BI for this customer.


It is a bit hard to see but here is a pic of a BI sample report

BI Sample Report.png

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Re: SAP Business Objects dependency

Hi P280JRN 


From my knowledge to date, DataPro will be a MineStar Data Warehouse and will be independant of any reporting tool. Therefore you can choose what reporting platform you like.


My recent excursions for more information show that it is not due for release until sometime in 2019, but suggest you contact your local Cat Dealer Technology Rep and/or Cat Technology Rep for more information and timelines.




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Re: SAP Business Objects dependency

I do not think that. Heart happy wheels.

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SAP Business Objects dependency



Simple question: Is Fleet - Data Pro starting from v5.0 dependent of SAP BO? Or will be optional for user to acquire another BI tool like Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview, etc. other than SAP BO?


Does user has to have Data Pro enabled for Fleet or How does it work?


Thank you in advance!