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Thanks very much mate.

Re: Trucking Indicator page



Thanks for asking, the answer is both fairly simple and complicated at the same time.


The simple answer is that MineStar computes the required carrying capacity every time Assignment finds it necessary to recompute its plan for production.  Basically this is done using the LP mathematics that computes the flow rates of materials from every active loading tool to every active dump.  When this is done for all of the currently available trucks it is shown as the Current(Target) value.  MineStar performs another computation with the assumption of an unlimited set of trucks.  This is a little tricky to get exactly right, but this gives a good idea of how much carrying capacity would be necessary to keep each of the runs from the loading tools to the various dumps busy.


Finally the carrying capacity is converted into a number of trucks by dividing by the 'Average Truck Capacity' to provide a nominal number of trucks each of average carrying capacity.  The average truck capacity is based on the current fleet of active trucks.


Trucks exclusive, shared, available and associated are all based on trucks current assignments and restrictions.  Exclusive means that the truck is locked to that loading tool, shared means the truck can go to multiple loading tools. Available is the trucks that can be used to move the material from the loading tool to the processor, while associated are those trucks moving material between the loading tool and processor.


This is the simple explanation.. For a more detailed and personal explanation I would contact your support representative who will be able to walk through all of this far more eloquently than I have described here.  I have answered in general but a support person will be able to take your current mining situation into consideration and so will always be able to provide a more definitive answer.


Trucking Indicator page

Hello we are using Fleet v4.8.0 build 10. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the (1)way that trucking indicator page gets its various calclulations and (2)how to measure its accuracy?