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D-399's piston liners and water!

Hey Folks,


Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this post. I've a dilema!


We have recently had a No.14/16 cylinder head failure (pre-combustion water jacket into the inlet manifold) flooding all 8 bores on the right bank and are pursuing a warranty claim as the REMAN head has only been in service for 2500hrs our vendor is being helpful up until now and meeting the replacement of 8x pistons, liners, conrods and 4 cylinder heads etc.


However I'm now stuck with this one, our right bank will be rebuilt with new/REMAN parts however I feel as a result of a component failure I'm going to be left with a 50/50 engine one bank of cylinders at 0hrs and the other bank at 16500hrs.


  • Other than piston ring wear, liner wear and a comparitave compression test across the left and right banks; what other checks would the group suggest be carried out to deem the engine fit for the next 12000hrs continued service?


  • What are the potential complications of completing a single bank overhaul?


  • Does anyone know the recommended maximum permissable wear for piston rings, liners and the maximum permissable differential pressure between cylinders?


Thanks in advance