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Re: Engine Motor



 The serial number is usuall stmbe on the right rear upper half of the block stamped into the block. You may need to get some brake clean to get the dirt off of it

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Re: Engine Motor

Look on the right rear about 12 inches below the exhaust manifold. The serial # plate might have fallen off and could be stuck behind the sound suppression. The serial # should also be stanped in the block at the same location it just will require a light wire brushing to find it.

Re: Engine Motor

The serial number plate is located on the side of the block.

Approx. 163mm from rear face of block to lh side plate and 152 mm from top face of block to top of plate.


The information plate also contains the serial number.

The information plate is located on the valve cover base of 3406E engines.



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Engine Motor

Dear Frineds.


I have a Freightliner Truck, it use a CAT engine model 3406E, I have been trying to find the number of the engine however it has been impposible to find it in the engine. Does anyone know in what place of the machine can I find this number?