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Dear sir,

We are pleased to invite your kind attention that we are specialist of tyres for special types of machines and vehicles as we have been doing the business since 1950. We import tyres directly from the foreign countries. Our business is based upon tyres and tubes only and as such we have business relations internationally with numerous renowned manufacturers of the world. We supply special types of tyres mostly to all Tyre Using Agencies in Pakistan. Our supplied tyres have been found satisfactory in performance.

Purpose of sending you the letter is to seek your valuable advise regarding use of 22PLY tyres instead of 18/20Ply tyres.

We are pleased to submit that our customer’s original demand is for tyre size:66X43.00-25, 18-20 Ply Rating for their VIBRATORS use in oil and gas fields for Geophysical activities. But at present available tyre with us are 22PLY rating. According to our information Tyres with 22Ply Rating will not effect in fitting and performance. 02Ply high will increase the loading capacity, more strength and long life than 18/20PLY. It is also recommend to use high ply. 22 PLY Rating tyres will serve the purpose without causing any problem in usage rather it will give better performance than 18/20ply. Ply Rating means the carcass. The carcass of tyre consists the numbers of rubbers quoted layers of fabric called plies. The carcass ply carries the load and supports to the tread pattern. High ply rating tyre can lift higher weight, better resists against penetrating objects, give more service and long life. There will be no any problem and hindrance in fitting and performance of your machines. More plies tyres are always better as compare with lesser ply rating tyres.

So, we humbly request you to please issue us a certificate that 22PLY rating tyres are also suitable to fit on the vibrators.


Muhammad Hashim Shahzad.
Rafiq& Company,
344 A/3, GULBERG-3,
TEL:- 0092 423 7671455-56.
FAX:- 0092 423 7631775.
CELL:- 0300 8538800.