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Re: operator manuell

Could be that your machine is a "gray" market machine and was never intended to be sold in the US.  I have run into this before with certain mini-ex's.  Give your local Cat dealer the part #s out of the manual that you need and have them call Cat parts directly and see if Cat can cross reference those numbers to actual NACD numbers.  Its a shot in the dark, but it might yield some results.  From my understanding "gray" market machines are not intended to be used in the US due to emission standards, but I could be wrong.  I am sure there are others on this website that can offer a bit more insight.   

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Re: operator manuell

We have tried to use the  parts manual  for the 307SSr (xjbp7178-03)  and order parts from it. but our Cat dealer can't bring up the part numbers

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Re: operator manuell

Hello Myhren,

Your request finally made it to the right people and we are happy to assist you. We have found an Operation & Maintenance Manual for your requested 307 SSR Excavator with serial number 2FL1-Up. The media number is XJBU2094 and it only available in the Japenese language.

If you are interested in purchasing this manual or have any future questions please inquire through this email, When you reply, we will provide you with the details to purchase this manual or help answer your questions.


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operator manuell

I have a 93 mod CAT 307 SSR, and I need a operator manual for this machine. My local dealer dont get answer from Cat europe when he ask for it. can i get it from the states???