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Re: 3508 Generator fault

If the fault (diagnostic) codes are flashing, the fault is active. You have two issues, that MAY be related.


First, the speed input fault, what are you using to generate the PWM speed reference signal to the engine ECM? Is it a speed brick, loadshare module, or some controller in the switchgear? A PWM signal input at 68 to 70% should be close to rated speed.  This is a direct input to the engine ECM, it does not go thru the EMCP II+, the EMCP II+ reads this code back from the engine ECM. To properly troubleshoot this you need CAT ET hooked up and be looking at the desired speed input signal, will be expressed in RPM, and it's range dependant on the configuration settings for min and max engine rpm.  It is a two wire circuit from the source, the Positive signal going to the desired speed input, the Negative side connected to BATT-. If you need to verify the input, find a speed brick, most dealers have a few around and they are an excellent troubleshooting tool. Hook it up pre the EMCP II+ manual, adjust the speed adjust potentiometer and watch the desired speed change on ET.


The ECS (Engine Control Switch) is a four position switch with two decks, one providing a BATT+ signal to the EMCP II+  input RM1 in three positions, STOP, MANUAL, and AUTO. It also provides a BATT- signal to individual EMCP II+ inputs in ALL switch positions, the only ECS switch position that allows two active BATT- inputs is AUTO, and the IC contact is wired to the START input. Any other combination gives a switch fault. Best way to check the ECM is to bypass the ECS, hardware a jumper from BATT+ to RM1 and another from BATT- to the EMCP II+ STOP input  (GSC terminal 32), the fault should clear. The ECS switch is the usual culprit, but have found bad wiring/connections can also cause this fault.


Hope that helps, Mike L.


Re: 3508 Generator fault

  • Machine serial numbers-

Unit- 5PW00148

Engine- 1JZ00154

Aternator- 2DN00995


Finning service engineers have been to try and rectify the fault however they are coming to the same conclusion as us and are no further forward.

They suggested that it could be the internal elecronics within  the control panel as continuity tests on the loom and sensors are fine.


Has anyone opened the the ecu on the control panel is and is there a master reset function within. The only other option would be to replace the contol panel however we want to try every other avenue first.

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Re: 3508 Generator fault

POST ENGINE OR GENSET SERIAL NUMBER. 190-02 is loss of engine speed signal and 336-02 is ECS inputs incorrect.

Re: 3508 Generator fault

The control panel is EMCP2+ type. Could it be an ECU control fault? We have ran all the basic diagnostic tests as specified in the CAT service manual with still no rectification to the fault. ANYBODY OUT THERE ANY HAVE ANY IDEAS?


3508 Generator fault

Hi all , I need help to rectify a fault that is on-going with one of our generators.

The control panel is flashing the following faults-

CID 190 - FMI 02

CID 336 - FMI 02

According to SIS and the workshop manual the fault codes lead to the 4 way position switch on the main control panel (start,stop/cooldown,auto and stop).

Once we checked the switch (and replaced it) the service manual states the machine should be switched off and and reset. This should resolve the fault.

However is does not seem to reset and even after disconnecting the batteries its the same fault code that appears.

Is there anyway of resolving this fault  as we need the generator operational as soon as possible.