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Re: 3520c high exhaust port/turbo inlet temp

Did you ever figure out the cause? I have the same issue.
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Re: 3520c high exhaust port/turbo inlet temp


Re: 3520c high exhaust port/turbo inlet temp

Hi rodney

i read your problem i have also 3520c genset but i never notice this type of fault.

first how many load are you running in this this island mode or parallel mode.

i think some value help to better solution

1                   check your jacket water tempeture and its pressure

2                   check your oil filter differntial pressure and tempeture

3                   check your cylinder tempeture on its full load how many they are

4                   which type of spark plug are you use ( j type or prechamber)

5                   how your genset gas consuption Nm3/kwh



3520c high exhaust port/turbo inlet temp



i have a 3520c landfill gas unit that the exhaust port and turbo inlet temp seem higher than normal.  The unit is not tripping on shutdown or even warnings.  Though i am conserned about long term effects with the current condition. I have spent countless hours tuning with et, adjusting BTU's, specific gravity/heat,  emmissions, timing.  I do not have a NOx anyalizer for emmissions.  I have done a timing calibration that had no change.  I have checked the raptor valve/throttle movement (smooth as butter).  The turbo bypass is tuned using the delta p on the throttle plate 7psi.  The unit is stable at full load.  Fresh topend-400hrs with fresh plugs and valve adjustment.  Orginal pistons/liners.  Topend noticed a decent amount of laquering.  Compression good 180-200lbs with the unit hot.  Oil consumption is 5.5-6gallons per day.  Radiator inlet outlet temp are good.  Airfilters are good.  Turbos are newer 6000hrs.


One thing that i noticed weird is that the gas correction factor is way high-115, when i plug in the BTU's, specific gravity, heat ratio, off the cat methane calculator based on a good gas fuel analyst.


The only input that stick in cooling the exhaust is the timing, which is now at 29.5, which seems high.


I dont know if the unit is running rich or maybe the oil consumption is causing the higher exhaust port temp.



1160 exh port average

1295 turbo inlet temp left

1275 turbo inlet temo right

1000 turbo oulet

130 air inlet temp

coolant never exceeds 225, though gets a cool as 215 with no change in exhaust temp.


Any thoughts?



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