Re: C32 open line injector ET error

I measured the voltage on the injectors. Find out that on 9 and 11 I have 24Vcc on all the other 12Vcc.

I changed the engine ECM, flashed, everything work perfect now.




Re: C32 open line injector ET error

Thank you, I checked the connection between P2 on ECM and connector on both side of the engine for injectors and between connectors on engine and each injector. Cable OK.

Re: C32 open line injector ET error

Check the connector on the valve cover base, may be loose connector.

We did once, on connector socket pins, put soldering lead then insert connector, tighten with cable ties, then start.

Try your luck
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C32 open line injector ET error

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Dear All,


Can any one help me with the open line injector error on ET? I have a C32 generator set, 1500rpm, 50Hz.

The generator start, but stay in 1200rpm range (+/- 50 rpm) and don't go to 1500rpm. I have checked with ET, on the injector test I have 11 injectors Not OK (open line) (current bellow normal) only injector 7 is OK. 

I did perform Injector Solenoid Circuit - Test, as described in SIS, no open circuit.


Can be the ECM faulty?

Any ideea on what to try next is very much appreciated.