Re: CDVR Issue!!! Kindly help!! In downtime!!

Thank you Mikel. Your solution for droop setup worked, I configured the same and managed to get it working first in Reactive droop sharing and later on Cross current compensation mode. 

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Re: CDVR Issue!!! Kindly help!! In downtime!!

Have you tried operating the units in droop first?  Set all the droop setting to 3%, disable the cross current and make sure the three units will parallel in droop first, if they won't you have some other problem that needs to be fixed first. This is mentioned on about page 32 of the CDVR manual.


Even in cross current systems I still use a small amount of droop, usually 1%, to add stability.


Have you read the Basler instruction for setting up cross current, you can find a copy here,


Do you have the correct value burden resistors?


What CT's are you using for droop input?



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CDVR Issue!!! Kindly help!! In downtime!!

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Hello All,

I am Michel, I got some issues commissioning CDVRs. Please do help if you can.


I have 3 CDVRs connected as above for cross current compensation. My CDVR setting is enabled for Droop Compensation with droop at 0% and I am on AVR mode, could some one please help me as to why I am not able share kVARS. As soon as they sync they are stable and then slowly once starts increasing and other starts reducing. Amps slowly begin to rise. The CTs are in the right direction.

 Is something missing in the drawing??

Appreciate any help possible!!