Re: Connecting Rod Bearing

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Please study your  oil brand, SOS report Oil change intervals . Operational hours. Oil pressure ,oil temperature & share with  your

local cat dealer.

Early wear at con rod bearings are normally due to  usage of cheep oil  or contaminated oil , if you are using cat oil

then contact with your local cat dealer for analysis of your scratches on some bearings and not scratches in some bearings.


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Re: Connecting Rod Bearing

I spoke with one of our experts here. He said this is one of those problems that could have several possible causes. He recommends contacting your local Cat Dealer for assistance analyzing and correcting the issue.

Find your local Cat Dealer:

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Re: Connecting Rod Bearing

is their any reply

Connecting Rod Bearing


while checking the connecting rod bearing for my gas engine i found the lift bank bearing is not reusable and it is in a bad situation "Full of scratches " in the other hand i found the right bank bearing is reusable

can any one advice me should i change only the lift bank bearing or i should change all of them , and why?

also could any one help me to troublshoot this issue