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Re: D399 diesel engine

I can not start Cat D399 after 2 months break

Re: D399 diesel engine

The first step undertaken by the fire engine using a hand pump during pumping to see pressure gauge you up to any pressure hurt stop has the highest pressure and the hand pump did not complete the pressure and are in the examination regulator diesel + hose out diesel 1 - there is a blockage in the exit diesel excess because it causes in this case the engine Example 1 - the difference in the heat of the exhaust smoke out a lot of smoke and the color is variable Reel Valve is clogged or hose off

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D399 diesel engine

Hello guys

I would like to ask please about the causes of high fuel pressure as the pressure reaches 50 psi which is the maximum limit on the fuel pressure guage. Also there is big difference in temperature between the right exhaust manifold and the left one almost 150-200 fahrenheit. I really would appreciate your help and thank you.