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Thanks for help. I solved it. The problem was in gas regulating valve - loose bolt of cover plate that's why too mutch air during cranking and engine dont start

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Re: EIS manual

EIS code 331-11 in the TS manual indicates that the engine ECM received a signal from another module or relay to shutdown the engine ignition.  You should investigate the gen set controls for the relay contact that connects and controls this ECM input. It could be originating in the gen set controls or it could be a harness wiring issue.


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Re: EIS manual

I have gas engine 3508 (EMCP2, EIS, DSE) and during start:
1) Cranking Ok
2) gas valve open ok
3) ignition coil and spark Ok
4) timing on ET 19.
5) voltage 18vdc min during cranking. terminal (103(+);152(-))
5) but ET give alarm after 3sec cranking: 331-11 Ignition shootdown request.
Engine dont start. What may be problem?

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EIS manual

Hello i'm looking for manual: (because EMCP2 often give sw1,sw2,sw3 alarm.)
SENR6411 specification,
SENR 6412 system op/test/adjust;
SENR6413 EIS TrShoot Guide;
SENR6438 Schematic;
SENR6420 Sys op/test/adjust-remote control panel.