Re: EMCP 4.2 No Keypad Function - Root Cause

We had same problem in 4 of our 3512B genset, the dealer replaced it on warranty. EMCP 4.3
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EMCP 4.2 No Keypad Function - Root Cause

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Need help regarding this problem. It was confirmed that unable to navigate through the controller overview and configuration menus or non operation of the Run, Stop and Auto buttons. The customer was asking for the root cause and it was too general to say that due to internal circuitry malfunction / internal short circuit. We are not able to open the EMCP and verify the defective components because it will void the warranty. 


Kindly refer to media number TEBE1362-05.


Model: C175-16

S/N:     G2G00120 / WYB01485


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