Re: EMCP4.1 and communications

I have EMCP 4.1,4.2 in 44 unit but now 7 are hanged ( no any control button is working).

How can I make these hanged EMCP operational either need to replaced or something else plz suggest.


If need a replacing , I can configure from front panel or need any software help.. ?

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Re: EMCP4.1 and communications

Thanks Mike


I am going to try and tap CAN2 network and the simple CAN1 used between ECM and EMCP to communicate with each other and see f I can capture any information.


I read some material over this non-intrusive techniques available with CAN where the 3rd party device claims to listen over CAN lines and capture any information. If I am successful in that (after rigourly confirming any captured data from EMCP panel itself with all the parameters) I'll post my results for everyone else.


Yes perhaps if some one here 'dealers' could confirm if EMCP 4.1 can be upgraded to firmware version 4.2 - that will work wonders for me.



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Re: EMCP4.1 and communications

The RS485 hardware is installed in the controller, however the firmware for the EMCP 4.1 does not enable the hardware or make any data available to the Modbus registers.


I am on the road this week and don't have any of my EMCP info with me, there should be a CAN2 network available, but I'm not sure how much info is available on it. Unfortunately, from all I know about EMCP4 (which really isn't all that much), it is pretty much a "you get what you pay for" system. If you wanted to get remote communications capability, then a higher version EMCP4 should have been purchased.


What I'm not sure of is if the EMCP4.1 if field upgradable, maybe one of the dealer folks with current experience can help?


As to the M5X protocol, it was the output data from a CAT CCM (Customer Communication Module), I think it is still an option for the PL1000T (just not sure why anyone would want it).


Sorry, Mike L.

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Re: EMCP4.1 and communications

and please, I am not looking for buying solutions from any 3rd party companys like Monico LLC or proprietary stuff like PL1000E.

I am looking for simple telemetric solution that I can implement by means of some embedded programming.

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EMCP4.1 and communications

I'd like to know if it is possible to extract data from an EMCP4.1 panel running firmware version 4.1.1, for the purpose of remotely monitoring generator parameters only without ET or ccm adapter.

I know EMCP 4.1 does not offer modbus, but since the panel and controller is same for both EMCP 4.1 and 4.2 - would I find anything if I tried to tap the modbus line? (or perhaps the Rs485 lines that is for the serial annunciator)?

If yes then where/how would I find the protocol document to get the parameters I'm interested in?

I read somewhere about CATM5X protocols - is that applicable to EMCP4.1?

Would be possible to communicate over CAN data link (one that is used by ET) to fetch data from EMCP4.1 using simple  CAN to RS232 convertor in between or something?


Anyone ever did something like this?/ then please share your experiences.