Early wear in rocker arm assembly bearing in g3520 c after installation of cylinder head P# 415-5584


Our one unit G3520c during TEO we replaced its cylinder head part no 415-5584 its old cylinder head as ahipped were

315-2632 during during TEO we also replaced its rocker arm assenbly bearing P# 201-8300.

after 1500 operational hours its push rod found dry we replaced it 10 push rod gradually. 

we found engine shut down on detonation several times .  so we removed its rocker arm assemblied measured & observed 21 out of 40 worn out beyound the specifactions .    can i get warranty from cat for this early wear.

i study & found some reasons to early wear that perivious cylinder head 315-2632   Spring inner   194-4902 

Spring outer  281-6157  Mean while  415-5584  have    Spring outer  281-6157  Spring outer   316-5976 

As below chart 415-5584 cylinder head springs are longer than 315-2632 cylinder head springs & can take  extra force to operate 415-5584 valves lead to early wear .  any one from cat expert please advice


 cylinder head springs data