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Re: External voltage control of Cat VR6 AVR

I should have been more clear, remove the potentiometer connected between terminals 4 and 7 on the AVR and jumper them together, the output from the SPM-D connects to terminals 2 and 3 (should have a jumper installed, remove it). With the new jumper installed betwen 4 and 7, adjust (if needed) the internal voltage adjust pot on the regulator to set your nominal voltage to desired level, that will be the point that the SPM-D can then bias the voltage up or down from there.


The VR6 is essentially a Basler AVC63-12, here is link to their manual which is way more helpful than the CAT manual at times,


Also, I usually use +/- 10VDC then limit it, actually you would be better off using the +/- 3VDC range on the SPM-D. Sorry, holdover from "old school" thinking using other controllers.


Hope that helps, MikeL,



Re: External voltage control of Cat VR6 AVR

Hi Mike,


Many thanks for that!  I will try it once the guests depart and report back.  So that should simulate, or simulate close enough that the AVR thinks it is a 10k potentiometer?  Understood on setting initial state to 50%.

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Re: External voltage control of Cat VR6 AVR

Use the +/- 10VDC setting, make sure on the SPM D11 you set the V Control Output Initial State to 50% (will be zero VDC)




External voltage control of Cat VR6 AVR

Hi All,


I am trying to get to the bottom of an issue here on board my yacht.  We have 3 C4.4 99kW generators.  Using Woodward SPMD 11 LSXR for paralleling and load sharing.  My dilema is that the VR6 calls for an external 10kohm potentiometer to control the voltage remotely.  Since built we are using Woodwards are set to control it with + or - 3volts as the 10kOhm pot signal.  I don't think this is the correct setting.  Does anyone have knowledge on what is equivalent to the 10kohm pot?  My options to control it are with voltage or current from the SPMD.  Thank you all for any light you can shed on the subject.


For current I can use:

+ or - 20mA

+ or - 10mA

0 to 10mA

0 to 20mA

10 to 0mA

20 to 0mA

20 to 4mA


For voltage I can use:

+ or - 10V

+ or - 5V

+ or - 3V

+ or - 2.5V

+ or - 1V

0 to 5V

.5 to 4.5V

0 to 10V

5 to 0V

4.5 to .5V

10 to 0V