Re: G3516 EIS Clear Active Diagnostic codes

Hi. I think u try:
1. EIS find input (h) DRS(diagnostic reset switch) and connect to (-) batt or ground. wire 215
2. Find in ET file quantity of cilinders and change file on more cilinders 8, 16, 20 (as u say file maybe broken)

G3516 EIS Clear Active Diagnostic codes


PIN : ZBA01209

ESN: ZBA01207

ARR NO: 273-3084


When the engine is running following code is present 

331-11 ignition shutdown requested, what is the issue?


also please how to clear the active diagnostic codes?

there is no clear button down side, on ET.


please refer screen shot taken when engine is running, code is present but that is not active code, because engine running normal. is there any update for ECM?





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