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Re: Generator set model 3306 start up loss

Anyone that can help with a 1750 kva
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Re: Generator set model 3306 start up loss

Thank you very much for that infromation. That is very helpful. I thought that it was a problem with theemcp but was not sure. It is great to have a second opinion. I will contact a local cat dealer and get a tech out here.  Thanks again 


Re: Generator set model 3306 start up loss

I am assuming you have an EMCP control panel

below is a section of the manual regarding your issue


ECM Display = 04 dIAG, loss of setpoints programmed into the ECM memory.


Reprogram the ECM (see Service Procedure A) and turn the ECS to reset.

*04 dIAG does NOT recur.

Problem solved.

*04 dIAG recurs.

Replace ECM.


From the looks of things you may have a failed gen controller

I would recommend contacting your local dealer or a technician competent in troubleshooting this controller


Sorry I can't recommend anyone

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Generator set model 3306 start up loss


I have a caterpillar generator set model 3306. Engine serial number is 8570744, generator model is SR4 and generator serial number is 5EA06602. I am ahving trouble starting it. The starter engages and then does not appear to be disengaging. Replaced starter solenoid and the starter tested fine. Installed and still having the same problem. Error code 04 appears on the led display. Error code 04 apeears to be "start up loss". I do not have any manuals for this generator so I am at a loss as how to proceed. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this problem? I am in Sterling Ct. Does anyone know of any service techs that could look at this generator in my area? Any input would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.