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Re: How do I adjust speed setting on D150?

The easiest way to change speed setting is to change the generator drive ratio from 1.000 to 1.002.  This will give you the 60.1 Hz needed for the inphase option to work properly in the ATS.


Re: How do I adjust speed setting on D150?

I found out from Aplication Support Center ou can install a 10,000 ohm pot in one of the analog inputs and set it for speed control. I used 0 for the mininum setting and 750 for the max. It gave me an adjustment from 60.0 to 64.0 Hz.


You can also adjust the genrator drive ratio in the enginee speed monitor parameter config from 1.0:1.000 to something higher. I used 1.0:1.002 and got 60.1 Hz.

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How do I adjust speed setting on D150?

I have a D150 with an EMCP 4.2 and 7.1L engine.

The engine is set to operate at 1800 rpm/60.0 Hz.

I need to set the speed to 60.1 Hz so the in-phase monitor in my ATS's will allow a transfer in a reasonable amount of time.

While the genset is running I can adjust the speed from the touchsceen by accessing the control menu. However, once the genset shuts down the speed setting returns to 60.0 Hz.

How can I change the speed setting to 60.1 Hz?

I cannot find any adjustable parameters in the EMCP4.2 or engine ECM configuration files that will allow me to set the speed to 60.1 Hz.

The serial number is L7C00208.

It has an EMCP4.2.

It has the A4 engine ECM.

It does not have a PWM convertor (speed brick).