Re: Losing Power 3516 BTA

We have had the local cat rep out.

The only alarm observed is Erratic Volts (168-2), a trend was made and the volts are steady at no load and the deviations increase with load.

They are proposing to flash the ECM and if that does not work replace the ECM.

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Re: Losing Power 3516 BTA

Do you have CAT ET, or a dealer with it that can help you?


Setup a datalog, trend the throttle input (from the DSLC), along some other parameters, the datalogger has several trigger functions, if you have an EMCPII you can use a drop in load to trigger the datalog. I have found it very usefull in troubleshooting problems like this.


If you don't have ET, maybe a good DMM like a Fluke 87?  You can use the MIN MAX record feature to watch the throttle signal input from the DSLC. Have worked on a lot of DSLC's never had one with a bad PWM output, so it is likely something else.


Some other parameters you may want to watch if you can,


Fuel pressure

Fuel command, desired/actual fuel rack (depends on flash file)

Desired speed

Run signal

Manifold air pressure


You also may want to check your monitoring system setup and see if you have any derates active, in systems with DSLC's and other types of load controllers the derate in the ECM can cause some strange responses, so if you have any enabled, see if any parameters are getting close, your best bet may be to get rid on any derates.


Hope that helps, Mike L.

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Re: Losing Power 3516 BTA

Process of elimination. Isolate this gen, applied load, if engine power stays, then check fuel control signal from  DSLC.


Re: Losing Power 3516 BTA

there are no alarm messages, the connections have been checked and the filters changed, the unit is not shutting down, just losing power.


Re: Losing Power 3516 BTA


R u have any massage  after trip ?check it

R u have smock in trip time ?check it

Advice check electrical connections, change fuel oil filters and shutdown activator

(excuese me I can't write English well)


Losing Power 3516 BTA

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We have a Caterpllar 3516 BTA diesel generator set packaged in 2004, when the unit is on load it suddenly drops all the load and it causes a reverse power trip, the engine stays running at sync speed after the breaker trips. There are no alarms indicated on the electronic technician, the load control is a woodward DSLC, we have changed out but the fault still occurs. All the connections have been checked and appear to be good.

Any ideas????