Re: Multiple ECU Failures

Robw. Check ground on controllers ECU.

Re: Multiple ECU Failures

Hi, i connected CAT 3516B gas engine (ADEM3-eng. controller) to deepsea 8620. I used CAN.
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Re: Multiple ECU Failures

Hi rob,


Can you help me with my ECU Engine 3516B.  From the drawing the CAN BUS is J981 and J982.  Is this possible to connect with the controller possessing a J1939 Can Bus or Modbus RS485 communication protocol.  If not what is the required interface i need to buy.  For my OEM controller like deepsea, comap and other to read the ECU information?  Please i need information.


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Re: Multiple ECU Failures

Hi All


I need an information who can help me.  I have an ECU CAT engine 3516B.  The CANBUS communication protocol is J981 and J982.  can this be connected into a J1939  CAN BUS  of Deepsea 7310 or it required an interface for the Deepsea to read the CAT ECU engine information.  Are they compatible with each other or What is the required interface to coomunicate it with the OEM controller like Deepsea, Comap and other that possess a CANBus 1939 or Modbus RS485?  


Please  in need help.



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Multiple ECU Failures

Hi All,

We have 3 CAT generation units of slightly different sizes, in a load-share setup with linked Woodward panels. They are standby units, tested once per month on load, but otherwise idle.

The unts are:

Gen No. 1 = 550kVA - Approx 8 years old
Gen No. 2 = 500kVA - Approx 6 years old
Gen No. 3 = 400kVA - Approx 2 years old

One week ago at 3AM during the night, generator No.3 went into alarm on the Woodward panel, with a loss of the CANBUS facing the engine ECU. After extensive diagnostics we concluded that the Engine ECU had spontaneiously failed. A replacement was installed and the engine was operational once again. The failure was unexpected, no trigger was found and the unit was not running and was not being touched in any way whatsoever.

Now, suddenly today at 2pm, we have had a failure of the engine ECU on Generator No.1

So, after many years of operation, on generators with different engines (and 6 years apart in age) we have had two IDENTICAL faults on two different engine models within 6 days of each other. Statistically this raises a lot of questions you'll agree!

In both cases, the failed Engine ECUs were tripping their 16A (24v) supply MCBs. Once the ECU is replaced, the engine is fine again.

The only links between the generators are that their battery chargers and heater supplies are all from the same mains supply. There is also a synchronisation link between the Woodward panels, and of course their outputs are connected to a common set of busbars for loadsharing when they are running.

Does anyone have any ideas where we can start to look for a cause? I'm reluctant to just wait for the next ECU to fail as they are circa £2k each.

Alternatively, is anyone aware of a way to get the failed ECUs inspected and a 'cause' established?

Many thanks in advance!