Re: SENSING VOLTAGE in (+EMCP II and Caterpillar 3412 )

while I have not seen this problem I did have some questions. On earlier post the other person swapped out parts from a different unit. Did yours work fine then just act up or did 

you make some changes?  The ATB for the EMCP II is not the same for the EMCP II +.  Also the atb just brings voltage down for the meter input. the changing of scale is just going to change display readout.  the blinking may be due to voltage going into Gsc is higher than the normal amount (may be 120 volt max output from the atb) and this could be an error or your machine is actually going over scale possibly due to loss of sensing on a phase if three phase or a bad voltage regulator Check to see .If actual voltage is good at the fuses on atb.

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Re: SENSING VOLTAGE in (+EMCP II and Caterpillar 3412 )




Did you solve your problem ?


because i m facing the same issue, could

you advise plz .


thx alot

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SENSING VOLTAGE in (+EMCP II and Caterpillar 3412 )

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Dear all


I’ve got a serious problem with SENSING VOLTAGE applied in (+EMCP II and Caterpillar 3412 ) generator.

As soon as it get started , the voltage moves to a higher . When engine speed (RPM ) is constant generator, the 750 volttage  gets blinking.

I’ve changed the amount of “ sensing voltage “in (Engine/Generator Programming OP5-0-- P020))  at a 15K volt position in GSC+P settings. But the problem is not solved and the 15K volttage  gets blinking.


+ATB is caliberated in  GSC+P  & tested by Ohms  & wiring   no problem is detected,

Please help me to find the problem.