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Status Control Module codes

Has anyone encountered the following code on a G3500 SCM; - AP- followed by FAIL2 ? The unit is a G3532LE, 2 X G3616LE's mechanically coupled together in a Master/Slave configuration running on Landfill gas. The serial numbers are 4EK03806 and 4EK03807. The code was being generated on the Slave SCM, while the Master SCM was flashing it's emergency stop staus indicator light. The code would be generated as soon as the ECS was turned from the off position to the auto position, the engine would not attempt to crank. I am quite familiar with the SCM and thought that the only codes it generated were the 01 to 09 DIAG codes? Any thoughts? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I can find nothing on SIS. The unit is running, I got the code to clear (?), just wondering what it may have been. Thanks.