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Re: Voltage Regulator pn 155-3832

Dear Sir, 

we are facking difficutly with one of our Generator #2,

we have connected the Compressor load to the unit


the voltage is dropping 100 volts some times and drop continues for over 60 seconds,

please can you advise, if we can adjust / tune the Voltage Regulation 

our Voltage Regulator is PN 155-3832


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Re: Voltage Regulator pn 155-3832

Thanks Mikel, this generator was running in parallel with two other units but I think the problem was with the input power connections. One of the terminals was quite loose.

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Re: Voltage Regulator pn 155-3832

Fault code 0704 is a Reverse VAR Fault, means the AVR saw what it interpeted as a reverse VAR condition.  First things to check, Droop CT connections, field output connections, input power connections and fuses.  Was unit paralleled with grid or another unit?  If so, likely a real problem, if not, could be a load with a large leading power factor, or a wiring problem.

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Voltage Regulator pn 155-3832

I have a 3508 genset that was installed in 2000. Yesterday, while running under load, the generator shut down. I was able to trace the problem to a fault on the voltage regulator that was flashing a 0704 fault code. I reset the regulator and got the generator back on line but I would like to know what the code means. Can anyone help? Part Number 155-3832, Serial Number QCNDB0524, Fault Code 0704.