Re: Voltage adjustment problem

why you need change from 380 ac 3phase to 220 ac 3phase?

1) check settings on AVR and try to start DG without DSE (avr) control if its realised.

2) measure F1; F2 voltage (exitation) dc. when 460 ac

3) is this AVR from factory with DG? 



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Voltage adjustment problem

Hello to all:
Sir I have a 250KVA perkins reconnectable diesel genset with an avr model of SX460 and deap sea 7310 controller. Sir I am suffering from a problem which is as,
When the genset is on 380v setting the genset generate complete 380 voltage but when I change the setting from 380 to 220v the genset only generate 193v.
when I adjust the voltage from AVR to 220v and after setting it back to 380 its voltage does not remain 380. it rises upto 460v which is not good for alternator....!!! kindly help me to how can i adjust the voltage upto 220v without any change in voltage of 380 case..!!!