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is this landfill gas application, if so I have a 3516 that runs on LFG and we run it at 450-500kw- rated @ 820kw all the time with minimal glazing and or laquer buildup, our sites tested many oil brands and mobil pegasus 605 works best for us.  Whats the cylinder compression and daily oil consumption?


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cylinder liner glazing

Hello,  I am currently a technician working on a failure analysis.  I have been investigating a G3516 4EK.  This Genset is rated at about 800kW.  The engine was commissioned after encountering some low oil pressure problems due to a plugged oil cooler that was re-used.  After the oil cooler was replaced the unit was placed online and load was gradually increased as gas pressure regulators and carburetors were adjusted to ensure the proper O2 level was met in the exhaust.  This unit has now operated for approximately 900hrs continously.  The local air quality management perfessionals performed an emissions check and found that the units exhaust contained too much hydrocarbons so the unit failed even after attempts to re-tune the unit.  A borescope inspection was performed and we found what appears to be "glazing" on the liner walls and an excessive amount of oil or carbon build up on the intake valves.  Everything I have researched says that this kind of build up is caused by running the unit at under 50% rated load.  I spoke with the operations staff at the site and they assured me that the unit was operating over 500kW since it was placed in service. I have included a couple of pictures to show what exactly I am talking about.  I am wondering if using aftermarket parts could be the cause?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks... IV000001 (2).JPGIV000002.JPGIV000003_B.JPG