Re: low deviation problem G3516C

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Please do not use j-type spark plugs in g3500c series to overcome the problem of low deviation.

Check your fuel pressure low fuel pressure & wrong emission setting is the root cause of low deviation.

J- type spark plugs produces single direction flame which can damage your cylinder head after some operational hours.

So to avid of  crack of cylinder head please do not use the j- type spark plugs in g3500c series.





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Re: low deviation problem G3516C

The multi torch spark plug used in the C and E model engines were to help meet the emissions goals.  I know several overseas (from USA) operators using J gap plugs with no performance issues.  BUT, the ignition energy display is not accurate and you may find the need to change the timing a bit (advance) if the full load exhaust port temps get too high.


When you remove the failed spark plug from the engine do you see deposits at the ports of the spark plug prechamber?


Usually short life of prechamber spark plugs is due to operating the engine long times at low load levels (less than 45% of rated load), a lube oil with too high ash content, impurities in fuel gas or running beyond recommended major maintenance intervals for top-end and overhaul.


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Re: low deviation problem G3516C


I do not understand what you mean by low deviation... What load are the units running at and how is the load sharing being done.. The use of J type plugs will increase the fuel consumption of the unit.. Please clarify..

Re: low deviation problem G3516C

hi how are you please can you tell me you where from i mean which company we have also 2x3520c gas engine some problem here 

low deviation problem G3516C

there are three G3516C generator set running in line.We are continous facing low deviation problem with failure  of spark plug, in number one generator. other two are o.k. sparkplug are cat chamber type. now we have replaced number one generator with J-type spark plug . now no deviation in generator number one but contious deviation in other two generators. what  is problem. is j-type sparkplugs are  harmful for c type engine. please reply
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