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misfire on GCM34

Hello Everybody,


We have GCM34 engines with Adem III, the engines runs upto 40% load, but afterwards if we incease teh load one cylinder starts drop in teh exhaust Temp. (misfire). if we decrese the load again it gan adjust itself and stops drop in Exh. Temp.

therefore we cannot incrase the load of engine.

we have replaced coil, check valve, SOGAV valve, but the problem persists.

we have tried changing specific gravity. we have increased the value from 0.6 (as per measurement of fuel property) to 0.8 step by step.

the exhaust temp. of the cylinders incrased at the same load (probably meaning rich A/Fmixture) but the faulty cylinder shows exactly same behaviour.

right before drop in Exh. Temp. of teh faulty cylinder, the Comb. burntime of all the cylinder are at the same range 5.2-5.4.


I would be grateful to have your kind feedbacks and comments.