1120kW K50 Genset

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How to calculate the generator exhaust back pressure?


Model Number:     1120kW K50

Air Flow Rate:      5000 L/s

Total length:        328.1 ft 


Pipe Size:                    16"

No. of 90° Elbows:      18

No. of 45° Elbows:      4

No. of Tees:                1

Silencer:                     8" industrial , Side in, End out 




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Re: 1120kW K50 Genset

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You will need to get a spec sheet from your dealer on the engine to get flow rate and exhaust temperature, the get a copy of LEBW4970 A&I Guide for Exhaust Systems, page 15 has the method on how to do exhaust back pressure calculation. When you get the exhaust flow rate info your silencer supplier should be able to provide backpressure info.


You can find a copy here,


Hope that helps, MikeL.