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ADEM3 problem

I got ADEM3 Perkins Engine running persistently at 1100 RPM any one got a solution or suggestions,please HELP!

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Re: ADEM3 problem

Is 1100 rpm the programmed idle speed, and you have no valid speed setting reference for it to go to rated.


You really need to provide some additional info like, application, rated speed, type of speed setting control used, etc.  Hard to provide anything useful for an answer based on what you asked.


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Re: ADEM3 problem

Thanks, I appreciate it!

I think that  the 1100 RPM  is calibration speed.

We are trying to synchronize two sets, using analogue speed control.

Using EST the following setting was made:


Digital Speed Control installed = Not installed

Engine Acceleration rate = 500RPM/s  default value

Droop/ Isochronous Switch Installed = Enabled.

Engine speed Droop = 4.0% Default Value

Speed Control Minimum Speed   125 RPM

Speed Control Maximum Speed 125 RPM

Digital Speed Control Ramp Rate = Unavailable Default

The Isochronous speed is 1500 RPM

when we return the :


Digital Speed Control installed || to installed as it was the generator maintains it is nominal speed

that is 1500RPM





Re: ADEM3 problem

Dear All

Please I am still seeking a solution. Any suggestions could help.


Re: ADEM3 problem

There is an active fault : analog speed control signal abnormal.
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Re: ADEM3 problem

you have problem with connection  between  jamber   of 50 hz and 60 hz  or fuse