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AVR VR6 Installation



This is the situation: a marine auxiliary generator with an AVR that is not working properly. We decided to change it, but the part number is old (149-6130) and it has been replaced by VR6 (365-2076).


The old regulator was self-excited so it had only connected the following:

    - A jumper from 4 to 7.

    - Pins 20 & 24 throw fuses.

    - Pin 22.

    - The outputs F1(+) & F2(-).


I thought the new one had to be connected in the same way so I connected the same wires to all pins (20, 22, 24, F1, F2), and jumpers from 4 to 7 (in order to use interal voltage var), from 2 to 3 (I saw it in the manual and the device came that way) and a third jumper from 6a to 9 (the alternator has 3 phases).


The ground was connected too.


After that, I started the engine but voltage did not build-up. I tried to follow the manual's remedies, applying DC voltage to F1 and F2, and removing the power but nothing changed.


Do you realize what am I doing wrong?

As it is self-excited I do not have a PMG and there is nothing connected to pins 26, 28 or 30. I suppose that both AC Power Input and Sensing Supply come to pins 20, 22 & 24. Is that correct?

If the problem would be the polarity of the DC source, can I swap F1 and F2?


Please, excuse my english.

I was unable to do the regulator to build-up the voltage and work properly. Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: AVR VR6 Installation

You need to connect to 26 and 30 to power the VR6 on an SE machine, and it has to be 100-240 VAC.


 Your best bet is to go to the Basler website and download the manual for an AVC63-12 regulator (same as a VR6), their form number 9337200991C and look on page 4 of that document, shows you required wiring for a regulator on a non-PMG machine, or go here


Hope that helps, MikeL.


Re: AVR VR6 Installation

So, my problem was the power supply.


Thank you very much for answering so quickly.


Best regards!




Re: AVR VR6 Installation

Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I am looking at the manual and I am wondering if I can use to jumpers from 20 to 26 and from 22 to 30 in order to power the regulator.


Is it right?

Do you think this would affect the sensing signals?


Thanks again.

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Re: AVR VR6 Installation

In reality you should use a fused power source on the power input terminals and an unfused source for the sensing.  I have seen a number of installations with just jumpers installed and it works, but really should be wired according to the manual.


Regards, MikeL


Re: AVR VR6 Installation

Thanks again, Mikel.


I installed the VR following your instructions and it is working. 


Best regards.

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Re: AVR VR6 Installation

charge excitation field by 24v DC in series with a 16A diode for 15 minutes then contact + end of ext fld with F1 and - with f2 . check there must be more than 7 volt input initially to energize avr vr6

Re: AVR VR6 Installation

Thank you, MudasirNabi