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Advice sought on small Cat gen set

I am about to buy a 25 KW gen set for my home.  I want to get quality and have found a CAT unit that was bought and then not used.  I have only seen pictures as it is 8 hours away but am serious and looking for advice.  What I know is that it is identified with a CAT label on the unit.  The engine name plate says Model 4022C. Serial number appears to be 31 1,01429.  Also on the name plate is 15Q-4074.  The engine is supposed to be a Perkins.  Visible on the block casting is N844L 2.216L.


The Generator name plate has mecc alla spa, Type ECO 28-1L/4.  It has a CSA label, a date of 10 06 and Made in UK.


When I seach for 4022C on the CAT web site nothing is found.


Is this a good unit and and the quality one would expect from a CAT unit?

Many thanks for any help.

Dave p



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Re: Advice sought on small Cat gen set

Are there any service records available?  Is there a CAT dealer near the machine that either sold the unit or previously serviced it?  I suggest contacting that CAT dealer if possible.  Perkins is a Caterpillar company, and in my experiences, a very fine engine.
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Re: Advice sought on small Cat gen set

This is not a true Caterpillar genset.  The alternator is Italian brand, not used by Cat.  CAT use Leroy Somer.  The engine is a Perkins model, CAT use the same engine in C2.2 form.


Look up a D20 generator on the Cat site and it will show the latest version of the genset using this engine.  YOu will have few problems in residential standy with this engine.  We sell 1000s per year, many running high hours.

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Re: Advice sought on small Cat gen set

My home buy Generac 6462 last year,I think it's reliable.You can also consider it